Work-Related Projects

Automating Workflows with Airtable and Cloudflare Workers

Guest blog post on Cloudflare’s blog about how I automated shipping triage using Airtable, Cloudflare Workers, Shopify, and ShipStation.

Automated USDA Collection and Restructuring

The USDA provides daily livestock pricing information as downloadable .csv files. Automated transforming 800+ daily generated .csv files into a single CSV and made available through an API using Cloudflare Workers, Workers KV, and Replit. Allows querying the data via spreadsheet or other means.

Shopify Automated Order Tagging

Used Cloudflare Workers and Replit to automate order tagging for orders with delivery dates selected to improve order triage process.

Implementing Company Dashboard using Stream Deck

Personal Projects

Worked on the service for Replit

Personal Screenshot Hosting

Deadbolt Lock Status on Stream Deck

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