I built a project this past weekend using Cloudflare D1 and wanted to share my thoughts on why it’s a game-changer. But first, I want to share some context about how I got here, and what D1 means to me.

There have been a few pivotal moments in my life as a developer:

(Disclaimer: I work for Cloudflare on the Pages team, opinions are my own.)

There has always been something missing: databases!

Other than the short stint in Minecraft, where I was helping someone else with their database queries, I’ve never really used databases for personal projects. The closest thing I ever use are KV stores because they’re easy/cheap. But proper databases have always been too hard for me to want to use for small projects (which is basically all my projects before joining Pages.)

But why are databases hard?

Why D1 is a game-changer:

On the surface, D1 is just another database right? Not quite, there are some big advantages over other solutions:

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